Mixing Room

Have you already thought about where you will mix paints? You probably already know this, but a well-ventilated dedicated area is the first of various precautions to take to avoid or at least reduce quality problems in the finish.

We are here to help you - mixing rooms in 18 standard set-ups, created by usi italia engineers specifically to guarantee the best ventilation and manufactured in compliance with the strictest standards.

If you wish to have an extractor fan to test samples, just ask for the afnor set up, and you will be impressed by the quality and attention to detail typical of made in italy products.

If you already own a mixing room but are interested in an extractor table to install outside to carry out small painting tests, check out ptc 375 a small gem that is ready to use and providing impressive performances.

What are you waiting for? Send an email to info@usiitalia.com or call us: usi italia personnel is at your disposal to answer your questions and make you discover the best solutions to improve the quality of your work.



A Strong Design Against Contamination

Double-wall insulation, perfect seal

High-temperature powder-coated panels with double-wall insulation for a classy aesthetic finish and the perfect adherence against contamination. The panels also enable to reduce noise levels and keep the heat inside the booth.

Easy to install for unaltered value

The exclusive usi assembly system uses male/female joints and is ideal for easy installation: no need for screws, bolts, joint covers or welding operations. This also means that, should you decide to move to a bigger place or sell the booth, assembly and disassembly will not pose a problem. Our system was studied to be long lasting and retain its value.

Afnor Mixing Room

Do you wish to equip your mixing room with permanent natural ventilation with at least 50 renewals/hour and an additional exhaust system as envisaged by the french market no problem. Just ask our staff for an afnor mixing room. It will be our pleasure to provide you with the best technical solution.