Spray Booths / Mixing Room


Comparisons are impossible

Those who've used this booth know - it's impossible to compare with any other booth or 'alternative' baking system currently on the market.

The secret of its success?  Chronotech has the best combination of performances and versatility, so much so that it is very popular with F1 teams such as Mercedes AMG Petronas, Red Bull and Ferrari.  Want to know why?

Fastech - Synchro

In the beginning, there was Fastech... Then Synchro arrived ... recently joined by state-of-the-art free standing indeed a numerous family.

The incredible USI italia multifunctional areas, i.E. The solution you were looking for to increase the productivity and quality of your work.

The selling point? First of all, flexibility - available in a wide range of set-ups (the standard ones are 70), from the most economical to the most complete, all of which can be assembled in a short time.


Do you need to carry out work on aluminium and do you need a dedicated well-ventilated area of 28, 32, 35 or even 40 square metres?  Then we might have the right solution for you:

USI labs, areas where you can collect all the additional equipment necessary to work on aluminium and popular with Mercedes and BMW servicing centres worldwide.

Send an email to sales@usiuk.com or call us: USI italia personnel is at your disposal to answer your questions and make you discover the best solutions to improve the quality of your work.