Our Services

Our services of Consulting, Planning, Installation and training of personnel active in the painting field and in the After Sales Service complete our production and sales activity.

From installation to start up, from maintenance to sales support, everything is done with the total respect of our company philosophy, prioritising customer satisfaction.  All our services are directly managed by our competent staff in order to satisfy every possible need quickly and effectively.

Consulting - Our many years of experience in the field of vehicle body-repairs, allows us to offer our customers consultation services  including the be-spoke design and layout of body shops based on the particular needs of each company.

Project Management - Our technicians supervise all stages of the project in the interest of the customer, and in co-operation with various construction companies for the preparation of foundations, electric and plumbing installations regarding the operating of the plant.

Design Services - USI has invested in a new Design Centre at our offices in Sheffield. Our highly trained and skilled staff coupled with the new state of the art equipment means that we can offer customers the opportunity to view layouts in both 2 & 3 dimensional models giving a realistic vision of what will be achieved once to project has been completed. 

Replacement Filters - USI offer 24 hr delivery on nearly all filters

Filter TypeQuantityReplacement dependant on use
Floor Filters (0.75m x 20m)2 per booth 2 - 4 weeks (approx) 
Extract Filters2 per booth6-8 Weeks (approx) 
Intake Filters2 per booth12-14 Weeks (approx) 
Ceiling Filtersdependant on booth sizeEvery 12 Months (approx) 


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