Centralised Dust Extraction System

  • Minden mvb-1100 dust extractor.
  • 12 minden energy modules 1 phase type em1.
  • 6 minden energy modules 1 phase and 3 phase type em3.

The System

the overhead system will be constructed in 110mm, 76mm and 60.3mm steel pipe using prefabricated steel bends and t pieces ensuring the required vacuum and air flow efficiency.

The pipes will be attached using suitable clamps and ties and will be finished in white.

The Plant

The extractor plant will be a 3 phase unit. The vacuum is a directly coupled dynamic compression unit made to the highest standards. Precision engineering and robust construction ensure a unit unequalled in performance and reliability.

Filtration is via easily serviced filter cartridges that are capable of filtering 99.99% of fine dust. Filters are reverse cleaned with compressed air and dust is released into a disposable bag via a one-way shutter valve.

Quiet in operation 74-db (A) they are suitable for use in factory areas.

Minden mvb-1100 11kw dust extraction plant
(1050m3/h max free air displacement)

The system is designed to allow 10 tools to be used at any one time.

The extractor plant electronic management system incorporates:

  • Automatic pneumatic filter cleaning unit.
  • Service hours monitor.
  • Remote on/off switching.

Energy Modules

8 service energy modules are provided for.

Each module incorporates two dust extraction points with a self closing flap and two air points with quick release couplings, both air points are regulated through a pressure regulator with gauge. Two 13amp power points are provided and each module also incorporates a compressed air filter unit isolator valve.

To greatly enhance efficiency a remote extractor plant switching facility is provided with ‘led’ indicators to inform the user of system status.

Three phase supply

6 of the energy modules are fitted with the addition of a three phase supply comprising one 32amp socket, switch and warning light system indicating that the three phase supply is on.

Automatic Filter Cleaner

An automatic filter cleaner is provided. This unit automatically initiates the filter cleaning cycle throughout the working day thus ensuring the continued suction performance and efficiency of the filters.

Air Supplies and Suspension System

Air connections will terminate at low level at each service drop position, the system will be suspended from the air ring main. The system plant and work stations supplied, installed and commissioned complete.

Festool Tool Extraction Package

  • 1 no. Randon orbital sander lex 2 150/11mm with sanding pad.
  • 2 no. Randon orbital sander lex 2 150/7mm with sanding pad.
  • 3 no. Randon orbital sander lex 2 150/3mm with sanding pad.
  • 1 no. Compressed air orbital sander lrs400 (long bed).
  • 2 no. Rotex ro 150 feq extractable sander 5mm orbit.
  • 10 no. Ias-2 hose, standard 7m.
  • 11 no. Isa adaptor.