Cargo. The extra large booths, designed for any vehicle.  They can accomodate trucks, trains, underground carriages, civil or military aeroplanes, ships and even wind turbines.

Not only are they sturdy, but also reliable, providing the highest performances and safety for operators.  Simply program painting requirements, USI italia engineers will think about the rest with their design department, where they can simulate and 3d test the final version.


Master is a modern spray booth suitable for all kinds of bodyworks.  If you are looking for superior and reliable performances that guarantee the maximum resistance, reliability and ease of use, it is the perfect booth.

Though you may not know it, thanks to the renowned USI Italia industrial turbines - which are coupled directly to the motors - the Master spray booth can generate incredible air volumes: in fact working best with water-based paint.


Why so-called Energo? Because it can release energy when needed.  Inheritant of all of master's characteristics, but with inverters enabled to drastically reduce electrical consumption.

From now on, forget about absorption peaks and fixed air volumes in the booth.  With Energo, you can have all the air you want, but only when you really need it.

With Energo, you will need to choose only how much you want to save !